About Us

"Wow! Glad to see you again..." is the slogan of HuaPlaChongnongsea that brings the picture of Hot Pot to your mind, the delightful aroma to your nose, and the succulent flavor to your taste bud. Whether it is Tom Yum Soup Hot Pot, Clear Soup Hot Pot, or Sour Plum Soup Hot Pot, HuaPlaChongnonsea is well known around Bangkok and perimeter areas for the tastefulness and quality of the food that are worth more than the friendly price.

Started out on 25th July 1983 as a small eatery by Rama 3 Road, Khun Krit and Khun Paew Limrattanakan enjoyed sharing their joy of eating delicious food by selling Fish Hot Pot and other cooked to order menus. The words of Khun Paew’s expertise in cooking various flavorful dishes soon spread around, and people started coming to taste the mouth-watering food themselves.

The restaurant took a new and exciting turn when Khun Krit and Khun Paew realized how famous the restaurant was and how it kept growing steadily. They decided to renovate the restaurant building, develop new menu by adding a variety of signature items, and officially opened the new restaurant on 5th July 1985 and named it, “HuaPlaChongnonsea”.

Over time, HuaPlaChongnonsea’s reputation of serving scrumptious Fish Hot Pot and a diverse array of scrumptious menus has continued to flourish.